Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Talk About It Tuesdays: Qsnap Cover Review

What is it?
For my first review I have decided to cover Q-Snap covers made by the wonderful Barbara Deets (Trulyn2stitching).  Many people make these beauties but out of the few I have tried Barbara's are my favorite.  I like to start out my reviews on a positive note so I chose hers : ). 

I am sure most of you know what Q-Snap covers are but just in case I will describe them.  These wonderful things are like scrunchies for your Q-Snap or any frame really.  Who doesn't love a good scrunchie?? I know they are out of style but if my hair was long enough I would still sport one.  Anyway, basically you take some fun fabric, add some elastic and sew it to fit your desired Q-Snap size.  Because they stretch many of the sizes can cover different frame configurations.  The above picture is what came in my order.  I paid 15 dollars for these glorious guys and they were shipped to my door just days later.  Not to shabby for something that wasn't even made when I ordered it!

In my most recent order I picked up 3 covers to fit my most used Q-Snap sizes.  A 6x6, 11x11 and 17x17.  Again the elastic allows these to stretch and cover when I convert my squares to rectangles. 
Why you need them in your life:
First of all the fun fabric choices (not portrayed well by my cell phone but well, I'm new and working at it : ) ) make looking at your WIP's more fun.  I know that's not the most important thing but for me it is a huge plus.  On a more practical side they also keep your WIP's clean as you grip the sides.  I wash my hands but occasionally get the hand sweats while holding the frame.  This usually happens when I am super into my pattern or super into a movie... either way the covers allow me to sweat on them and not on my design. 
My other favorite part of these bad boys is that as you roll your project around your frame you can tuck the excess into the cover.  This keeps it out of the way and clear of thread, if your like me any extra fabric ends will get caught in your thread and pull it from the needle about every 10th stitch.
Here is one of my recent patterns surrounded by the Q-Snap cover. See it just makes the whole thing more festive!

As far as the make of these guys go, the stitching is consistent and strong.  I have washed mine numerous times and they are still just as springy as the first time I used it.  So far the elastic has not shown signs of wear which was a problem I had with a different brand of cover.
The Verdict:
I highly recommend these to anyone who uses Q-Snaps or any hoop frames.  To order these visit Barbara's Facebook page Trulyn2Stitching Designs Qsnap covers.  I believe she also sells on EBay but I have never gone this route to order. 
I will be doing reviews every Tuesday, I love trying new things and usually love them although sometimes the love is lacking... Positive or negative, all my reviews will always be 100 percent honest.
Happy Stitching and keep putting one stitch in front of the other!




  1. Ooo I love the butterfly. Nice review if I had any use for these I would check her out but I stitch on a scroll frame lol.

  2. Love the butterfly - can you share the name of the pattern and designer please?